Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's so cute and SPARKLEY!

We're in full production mode... Christmas tunes are on, pieces lined up for assembly and I decide to put STICKLES on all of my little Tilda's.  I know, stupid crazy, they're pretty.    I caught my DH telling his mother that I'm working on Christmas cards (ha! she hasn't sent her's out either!!) and that everyone should receive theirs by Presidents Day.. I resent that.  New Year's tops...
I don't care, I sitting down and writing a nice card to those on my list.  Life is short and I'm gonna take time to do it right.  So if you haven't yet received your card, here's a good idea of what it will look like.  And tho' you may not get all the details here..  I'll give you the jist of what it reads..

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year

May your family be together
May your family be safe
May your year be filled with blessings
and your life with joy
May you have what you need
May you share what you don't

With Love from our home to yours
The Wharton Family


marilyn said...

LOVE your cards and the verse is perfect.

Valerie said...

I wouldn't say "stupid" but "What were you thinking??!!" It does look great though! Great craftmanship! Sure hope the people on your list know how to appreciate the work that has gone into these cards and they either scrapbook or frame them! I absolutely LOVE the verse. Did you write it yourself? Can I use it for future Christmas cards? Way to go Shaunery! I am INSPIRED!

Papel Scissors said...

i think you did a GREAT job creating your cards...who cares if they are a little late!!? Merry Christmas my friend!!!!!

Borabbo garagalicano said...

Oh this is an awesome card And i love the patterns and such a great texture great job my friend

Sandy Trefger said...

Of course they needed Stickles! From what I can see, your cards are adorable!
visit my blog @ sandy's crafty creations

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