Friday, March 16, 2012

Where's MY Inspiration?

What's my inspiration??  What inspires ME?  Oh loaded question because.. I don't know until the challenge is presented.. be it a layout, a card, a canvas.  It comes from all venues and all sources.  My favorite form of inspiration is mobile.  My magazines.  First and foremost is  Somerset Publications,
Stampers' Sampler, Memories, Apprentice and Take Ten are a few of their many publications.  All filled with incredible work from incredible artists out there.  Including, fellow DT members Tina Walker and Wendy Kwok.  To me, to put yourself out there for submission to these types of publication takes talent but a quiet assurance and self confidence in their own ability.  So not only do these artists inspire me creatively, but also as a woman, a person and the type of character I wish to be.
From the print material I move to the internet for inspiration.  Blogs are an awesome creation and tool of the internet.  My blog list is lengthy to say the least but a few are in my sidebar and some more I'll share here..

"Miss You Shaunery!"
WHO'D YOU THING I'D START WITH??  Yes, I follow/stalk Tim Holtz!  I've been watching this man since he would guest appear on the Carol Duvall (one of the HGTV/DIY original craft shows) show back ages ago.  He made GRUNGE groovy and titled my "style" before I knew I had a style or "look".  So yes, I'm visiting his blog at LEAST once a week for the latest and greatest in grunge, vintage, steam-punk and ink.
Some of my other favorite bloggy places to visit are:
Susan Stringfellow  (yes, she IS a fellow DT) Susan creates fun and 'Savvy" sketches to play with.  It's also the most flattering thing to be told "Oh btw I linked your layout to my page, your version of my sketch rocks"  Um okay!!
Terry's Cards & Creativity  This is a site sponsored by Simon Says Stamp.  I love it here, lots of TH examples and many more to be inspired by.  Also loads of opportunities to play and receive RAKS.
Tammy Tutterow Now this woman is Tim Holtz's  ying to yang.  The feminine side of grunge. It's called Shabby Chic.  Oddly, I found her on Etsy first, and now she has a second Etsy shop HERE   But I'll forewarn you, she's on "vacation" and catching up in life.  We all have a favorite online gallery/store.  I think I like the most, and love their deals.  The gallery is FULL of fabulous creators on ALL scales of talent and in all STAGES of talent.  From newbies to masters.   Yes, even the most brand new of all scrappers INSPIRE me.  For it's my opinion that the newbies are touching on the purest form of scrapping.  We all start there.  Simple, paper, adhesive, photo and scissors.  Seeing these layouts humble me and remind me where I started.  I see an "unfinished" or a layout yet to be "realized" and I'll take and put my spin on it later.  I use to be a newbie and I'd look at the masters and say "wow, I want to scrap like that"  and these "masters" would leave kind words and encouragement on my layouts and such inspired me to be the type of DT I hope I have achieved.  I'm still learning and improving and STILL look to the masters.
Sherry Cheever aka Bad Sherry This is a fabulous woman who creates without apology but with style and flair too.  She is what she is and I adore her for this.  She often goes "old school" exploring old techniques with new product.  Or swings from left field and creates something so incredible you're left with your jaw wide open.

There are also some great CHALLENGE blogs out there.. I first stumbled upon one two years ago.  At first my motivation was my pages look the same and they're boring.  The challenges pushed me.  Then the RAKS! Come on FREE stuff.  Then I started meeting people thru chats and from the "luv" left on the gallery walls.  It's like a rush of "feel good" to go to my page and read the kindness left by strangers.  A sense of accomplishment washed over me when I completed another layout for my kids albums.  I mean lets face it.. if we're playing at challenges... we're looking for some "validation", it feels good to receive a compliment.  It's like a hug and it encourages us to scrap some more!

These blogs are just the tip of the iceberg.. inspiration lies around us everywhere!!  My own creative mess occasionally inspires me... remember this?
Cleaning and sorting my stash... reminds me of what I own.  What colors I have and what products I can use to alter or tweak them.  So tidy up occasionally, and don't be scared of using your product!  Where there's a will there's a way!

Lastly, my favorite form of inspiration.. fellowship.  Be it "Live" at a retreat or a crop, skype or in a chat.  I love communicating with my fellow scrappers out there.  Those I am fortunate enough to call friends, share with me, let me know if my layout isn't balanced, do I have too many embellishments or yes, they tell me my colors are off or spot on.   Those who are "online friends"  some of us are still at the "GOOD JOB" stage, we're not sure how in depth of help or constructive criticism is wanted, but as time passes that will change.  We all strive to be honest with each other but I love that my friends provide honesty with tact and love.  We've learned honesty doesn't have to be painful and we've bloomed due to it. 

So, go out there and GET inspired.  Go out there and BE creative.  Stand up for your layouts, leave a little luv and ENJOY your craft!  :D


Jenny Evans said...

Wow, Shaunery! This is amazing!! Awesome job with the nailed it!! :D

Tina said...

This is such an awesome post Shaunery! I love EVERY LITTLE WORD! Keep your chin up, keep creating, love every minute. p.s. thank you for the nice comment. :) It really means alot. Hugs!!!

Debbi Tehrani said...

I love your Lab, Shaunery! You are one inspiring lady! I love your attitude and your work! So happy to have you as a friend and a teammate!

Tabitha said...

That is very cool!!

Sherry Cheever said...

Shaunery, thank you! My mouth is open, hanging on the floor, and my mind is totally blown . . . heck I don't even know what else to say . . . except THANK YOU! I'm so happy to know that I actually inspire someone out there and what I do isn't just for me. You have made my DAY, Week, month, year!!!! Wow!

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