Thursday, March 22, 2012

Light Bulb Moments!!

 So we all scrap into the wee hours of the night, we're guilty of it.  I are.. and usually when we're "finished"for the night, we turn off the light and walk out of our studio.  I'm not very good at cleaning up after myself.  Lids go on and if I'm in mid project.. it lies where it falls.  But I was DONE last night.  Cleaning up was a good idea as I waited for my daughters iphone to finish it's upgrade... So I'm looking at all of these little bits and pieces, left overs and photo's I had printed for a layout but didn't use for what ever reasons.   Ugh the thought of putting it all away was discouraging.  BUT I have to keep this room tidy and neat since our house is on the market.  Scrapbook/Studio = Neat   Yeah, CRAZY talk.  But I started in.
I hated the idea of tossing these pictures, but was too lazy to drag out the photo boxes.  Think think think.. I have a huge stash of mini albums and UNFINISHED mini albums.   LIGHTBULB.  I'm going to MAKE myself use my scraps, use my left over embellies and these random photos and finish these mini albums and create NEW ones..   So as promised, I am going to focus on a new page a week.  I'm using my scraps and bits and pieces.  I have my first mini album.. Tim Holtz Grungebook and today I'm working on the cover... and I'm letting creativity direct and guide me.. pictures will follow and I'll keep you updated! 

Got stash?  Got mini albums, or all the makings of one??   I challenge you to put together your own!!  Let's keep each other on track!  Share in the comments, leave links to your blogs.. let's see your work and cheer each other on!!

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kristie said...

Love that idea girl! I will have lots of scraps after my crop this weekend, so maybe I shoyld use some of them up!

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