Friday, March 23, 2012

12 Mean

Incredible Case File challenge this week my friends.  First, it's monochromatic and I love the transition of hue and tone, dark to light.  Second, lots of opportunities to just explore, play and free journal.  The evidence I used for this are:  use something fluffy - I had this fluffy yarn that I dyed to match the colors.  I then adhered to the wings of my G45 image.
Use silhouette images - I had this Theresa Collins journal tag with the bird.  And I had a Tattered Angles chipboard flourish, both had striking silhouettes.  I covered the TA with some Paper Studio patterned paper that I doused in Glimmer Mists, in Olive Green and Sage.  The journal tag, I smeared my Tim Holtz distress pad  on my craft mat, sprayed with some Glimmer Mists and water then I dropped the tag down directly into the mess.  Loved the results!
Use stars - I had these lovely metallic stars by Stickabilities.  (They're covering up some accidental ink transfer in yellow, ALWAYS clean your craft mats and acrylic stamp cubes, words to live by)

On the testimony prompts, I took my leads from "Write something unexpected about your subject", "Get carried away with your journaling", and "Use something unexpected to hold your journaling".   The unexpected a conversation that led me to seek these photo's out.  The flip up journaling shares a conversation with my 12 year old daughter and her asking, "Why are girls so mean?"  My daughter is witnessing bullying at school in not the physical manner but the mental.  Word games, cyber bullying, ie "Mean Girls".  This just sparked another thing in me.. so I also shared some lyrics from Taylor Swifts song "Mean" on the front.  Then a song from my generation popped into my head, "Dirty Laundry" by Don Henley.. and lastly the description of what's referred to as the "Story Teller"

What's a story teller?  Someone that, for whatever reason, insists on either exaggerating or out and out lying about themselves or incidents in their life.  They might be embarrassed of the past or just long to live in an imaginary world.  A person who tells stories will often use their lies to make themselves look good while putting others down.  They often tell lies about abilities or make up experiences that "upgrade" their social status. They have lots of secrets and they will compulsively lie in order to keep them.  They LOVE attention and often CREATE DRAMA in order to get it. Story tellers are negative minded and energy leeches, stay away if possible and disengage if your are currently involved in anyway with a story teller.  Story tellers don't care who they hurt in the process to achieve attention and drama.

 For a list of the major products I used you can click HERE.  I hope you enjoyed!


Debbi Tehrani said...

What powerful journaling, Shaunery, and a gorgeous page. Those wings are absolutely amazing. Love your flip up book, and how cool is that bird you used! You are so very creative!

Megan Ann said...

Simply FABULOUS layout!!! ABSOLUTELY stunning with such great substance! Sooo totally going to follow your blog now!

Megan Ann :)

Jannina said...

What a beautiful way to display a strong statement! Your work is amazing!!!

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