Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mark Montano!!!!!

If you haven't noticed, I really like challenges and contests lately.  The challenges are more for personal and creative growth but contests... it's for FREE stuff!  COOL free stuff, you know what I mean??  I know, there are some folks out there who sit around all day and do nothing but enter contests, regardless of the prizes.  (What would I do w/ fishing gear from the Bass Pro Shop if I won something like that??)  Where's the sense, right?

Anyone remember "While You Were Out"  Remember Mark Montano?  The man is a SCREAM!  I mean that in a GREAT way, his designs and ideas are off the charts!  My husband would look at me like I was some sort of dork when I gushed over something Mark designed or created.  THAT is a sign that the design or creation is GREAT.  David has zero fashion sense or craftiness... :)  (Love you hubby) 

Mark is currently GIVING away a copy of his book on his FB page.  Yes, I'm a "friend" of his, "wink".  I've already shared the contest details on MY fb page, and I'm following the contest rules.. this is the last request he makes.  Share on a blog.  I thought I'd share on my blog, cause I can say ANYTHING I want w/o the moderator/ adminstrator approving or removing it.  :)   I've previewed this book and from what I'm able to's full of awesomeness.  Chock full of crafty creativeness and anyone out there with an inkling of crafty in their blood can pull off these projects.  For those advanced creative guroos, taking it to the next level will be childs play.

So go out and grab yourself a copy.  Or play along w/ Mark and stalk (I meant follow!) him on his blog or "friend" him on Face Book.  Tell him Shaunery sent you. 

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