Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fall Surprises

August is a busy month in this house.  We've been getting ready for school.  Shopping for clothes, band instruments, scrapbook supplies.  Oh wait scrapbook supplies.  Yes, you read correctly.  Taylor is a Junior this year and his scrapbook album is a little bare.. you open in and it squeaks like an unoiled hinge.  I swear there are cobwebs hanging on the d-rings.  Poor kid, he'll graduate next year and have nothing to look back on!  I'm trying to dedicate time every week once school starts to work on just his album. 
Since I'm privileged to be a stay at home mom.  Yes, privileged.  I am also taking the opportunity to enter more challenges and contests.  I'm curious, "Do I have what it takes?"  "Am I crafty enough?"   I'll also be volunteering time with Taylor's choir.  There's a whole lotta choir dresses that need pressing, hemming and tacking.  The tuxes need hemming too and the dress shirts need a washing like you wouldn't believe!  We're going to attempt to organize a kick ass Booster Club, so expect to see some fund raising here.  Somewhere, I'll be sewing our Halloween costumes too.  Yep, the season is coming upon us quickly!  And there's a lot to do.
One thing I'm happy to say is finished.  I volunteered to do something.  Again, the question was "Can I hack it?  Can I run with the big dogs (or should I say Cat's?)"  We'll see.  I'll be taking my finished project to Cat sometime this week or next for her to photograph and to get up on her site.  So, look for it.  She get's the pleasure of my grand reveal.  Wish me luck.  In the meantime...I hope you enjoy the sneak peaks up above.

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