Friday, June 04, 2010

Creative Smiles

Do you like inspiration?  Do you find yourself often buying magazines and books on some form or another of creative inspiration and direction?  I know I do.  My all time favorite would be Somerset Studio, a publication of Stampington & Co.  It's a magazine full of mix media art, techniques, how to's and inspiration.  It's worth every cent of it's $8.99 news stand cover price.  When I can't get enough inspiration from this magazine, I'll turn to it's sister publications: Stamper's Sampler, Somerset Memories and The Apprentice.  And there are many MORE publications available in different media..check out the link.
My df also enjoys different publications and sources of inspiration..and her choice happened to be Cloth.Paper.Scissors another mixed media publication.  Today, she brought me her copy to borrow and to gush over...(May/June 2010, Issue 30 incase you might be curious)  She is so excited about the article on "a look at texture" a overview of different pastes and mediums available..she has that look in her eye, a look of excitement, inspiration..I know that look.  I'm smiling to myself.  I "know" what she's's a creative rapture.  She quickly flips to another article on canvas.  We're both familiar with altered canvas, we've both tried our hand at it... however this almost seems like new territory for df this article on collage canvas, layers of texture, mediums, paper and hardware.  Although, it's totally up her ally.  Abstract, random, art in chaos.  I keep smiling.  I can't wait to see what she'll come up with...will she release the creative chaos inside her?  Or will she control the creativeness?  Either way, I know she'll make something absolutely FABULOUS.  Me, I've since pulled down a canvas, it's covered in super heavy gesso, and some generous spritzes of Tattered Angeles Glimmer Mist and it's drying in the Texas sun..  On Sunday, I'll pull out my scraps, my fibers, my paints and my Mod Podge mediums and we'll see where my creativity will lead me... all the while with a smile on my face..


Pinky said...

I need to try the Gesso I keep hearing how fun it is!

celticmystyc said...

GIRL you don't know!!! It's gloopy, gooey and comes in SO many textures. Thick, thin...get some!!

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