Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Testing, one, two..Testing

Hmmm... so day two of.  Of what ever is going on this little girls head.  Morning starts of okay, school rocky but survived by all.  But all is not "well".  Each evening this week Sarah has fallen apart for no real reason.  Sarah is a strong willed child, but when she doesn't get to finish her task, if she's not done with playing..ugliness prevails.  It wears you down, fighting with a child who you can't exactly ration with.  Logic and reason don't exist with a child like Sarah. 
Simple things like meal time are unimportant to Sarah.  For her, it's daylight, time to play.  Children are playing in the backyard, YAHOO.  Children need to go home for dinner.  Chaos, come back, Sarah wants to play.  Dinner?    Finished playing outside or made to come inside, okay fine lateral move.  Let's play.  No, it's dinner time, bath time, meds time..anytime but playtime.  NO, I want to play!  My temper is wearing thin, Sarah's is about to more time, Sarah eat your dinner.  NOOOOO.  She yells, I raise my voice, she yells and throws, I's aweful. 
Another day, another test of my patience.  I've lost both days.  Tomorrow is another day.  Tomorrow another test.  What will Sarah throw our way?  What do I need to do or change to cope with Sarah's temperment.  Her teacher has a three day theory.  Every three days she's "fallen apart" since's been awhile since the three day cycle was obvious.  David & I have another theory based on weather patterns and fronts.  When severe weather moves in or weather changes Sarah again "falls apart".... mix in the unpredictability of the Austistic Spectrum and Severe Anxiety Disorder.  Yep, keeps us all scratching our heads and wondering. 
Well, she's asleep.  I'm winding down.  Tomorrow will be another day.  Tomorrow anothe test.  I hope my test results are better than the last two days.  It's just I keep studying the wrong material and I'm not prepared for these tests...


Anonymous said...

She will be fine. There is always more to it than we see, and more than we know. The more you get frustrated the more she does. Don't let it take it's toll on you. Love you all, g'nite.


Just us three said...

I wish there was something I could say that would make it all better!! It must be so difficult is all I can imagine...My friend, keep your head up high and I hope there is a solution to this.


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