Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Spring is here!  Grass is growing like CRAZY.  I looked out yesterday and mused outloud that we needed to get Taylor outsite to mow.  David looked at me and reponded "I mowed Friday."  ????? Wow, that was FAST.  The upside is my iris's are blooming and not just blooming..The Siberian Iris's that I brought w/ me from Maine haven't really liked being in Texas.  They haven't bloomed in three years.  I was even considering pulling them out and replacing them.  However with all the rain and quite possibliy the cold we had this winter..they're blooming.  The Texas Sage is threatening to take over the driveway again too.  Sadly, my new perinnials aren't farin' too well.  They look sad and pathetic.  So, I'm thinking I'm off to the nursery again this weekend and focusing back on Texas Bloomage..I must forget trying to create the English Garden I love so much. 
While I'll be at the nursery, David will be at the home improvement store.  He wants to create and pop-out our front patio a little.  Our wonderful chairs fit so nicely, but in order to walk around them, you have to step out into the monkey grass..not digging that so much.  So, a little bit of lumber, nails...moving the monkey grass and new potted flower to make everything look pretty....David & I will have a nice place to sit and muse this summer.  I'm thinking a few outdoor pillows to make the chairs real comfy and a little table for a cold drink and I'll have a little book haven!!  If Erin doesn't take it over.
Ahh speaking of Erin.  She's finally been bit by the bookworm.  She's devouring everything in the last 6-8 weeks.  Her current fascination is the series called Pendragon.  In an attempt to read this series she's checked out three of the series, trying to cram them into her head and any free time she has before school is out.  Little does she know that since David works 2nd shift, we can now visit the library in the morning w/o dear little sister. And I'm sure Half Price Books will become a favoite haunt of ours too.  (I love it and I'm sure T and E will too!) 
Soon school will be out and the summer adventures will begin...not sure what's on the agenda yet.  I'm hoping for some fun day trips with the kids, library visits of course, a friend has been very kind to invite us swimming occasionally at her pool, VBS and who knows what else life has in store.  But I'm looking forward to it nontheless...a "normal" summer as a family.  David is home working at a normal detachments, no long distance jobs...normal stuff... ;)
Well as this contentment swells, I'll be off.  Time to finish a little sewing project and maybe putter in flowerbeds some....big jar of sun tea sounds good too.....

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