Friday, March 20, 2009

words fail the mind

It's Friday here in Texas, the LAST day of springbreak..ohhhh darn. The kids have done pretty well over all. Sarah has had a bumpy week, I don't mind an occasional "melt down" but when Sarah melts down it's a doozy. We'll be getting back into our routine starting tonight, thought we'd just let the kids fall asleep when ever...never again. I don't mind them sleeping half the day way, but the crankiness and moodiness I can do without.

Been keepin' daily tabs on my SIL blog (see sidebar) and my poor BIL is going thru a rough patch with his health. Like most, it's not the sickness that bothers them, it's the not knowing what the hell is WRONG with him. Answers aren't forthcoming and it's a waiting me, my DSIL is not the most patient person. And with her being a respitory thearapist, I'm sure she hasn't turned off her "medical brain" as she copes and deals with her husband. For my pray'n friends, please include Marcy, Tom and their family in your prayers. For my druid/pagan friends, light a candle and chant, sacarifice a chocolate bar to the know the routine.

If you didn't already know, on March 1st David became an official civilian citizen again. Yep, retired after 20 years of service to our United States Navy. We're currently surfin' the job market and finding there's not much out there these days. David is being told he's over qualified 75% of the time...dude don't care, give me a job! I can act stupid! I'm submitting applications too, but not much out there for night jobs.. Walmart recently raised their standards, wanting their night employees to be overweight, greasey hair hot chicks. (that'll piss someone off, huh??) Boy, I sure hope I didn't link my blog in my application.... If anyone is wondering if we're going to celebrate David's new civilian status, yes AFTER we're gainfully employeed and have a dependable income!! In the meantime, raise your beer, wine or water glass and send a long distance toast.

Taylor signed up for his sophmore class list. He signed up for English 2, Geometry, Spanish, World History, Desk Top Publishing and Choir 2...he signed up for physics but I was wondering if he's suppose to take chemistry first...double checking with counselor on Monday. Taylor received his grade card a couple of weeks ago. He made us proud parents yet little A student. Okay, he had one B but it's Algebra and it's his weak spot. But he's back on the tutor trail and I'll lay odds he'll have it up again by next report card. Taylor also received his current class standings. He was listed in the top 10% of his class of 312. Not bad...not bad!!!

Girls are doing well. Erin is struggling with her attention to detail....and remembering her priorities...boys, girl talk and lunch are suppose to be at the bottom of the list, but not lately! She was grounded from tv and video for a short time, but I hope she finally sees the light. Erin will start Girl Scouts on Monday...go green.
Sarah, she's our Sarah. In April she'll turn 7 and she KNOWS there is to be a party. So, she's working on a wish gets longer everyday, although we keep reminding her, that's Santa that you send the list too. Never mind. Top of her list, a Hot Wheel Bicycle, and from there it's the most random/specific list we've ever seen...oops lost it.
Rambled on now for a good bit. Taylor keeps checking to see if I'll let him play with my computer online..(no) and reading over my shoulder. Just got barked at for chewing in my ear and secured a firm NO on the computer time now.
Hope everyone has a great weekend, get all that spring fever out of your systems by Sunday night!!! Then is back to the grindstone....

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Marcy said...

Don't sacrifice chocolate to the God of your choice - send 'em to me!

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