Monday, March 31, 2008

Somewhere Over the Rainbow??

It's that time of year, tornado/thunderstorm season here in these parts. I, for the most part, respect the power of our weather. I don't know if it's from growing up in a region, where every spring we were running for the storm shelter, or we'd sit on the porch and marvel at the lightening show displayed before us. I pretty much dig thunderstorms. I love the smells that come with these powerful storms, the rain, the earth, and sometimes the smells brought in by the winds. Once just after a storm, I could smell pine and juniper, yet I didn't live in area with these trees and bushes.
Today I received the first call of the season.. "Are you alright?" "Um, yes?? Why?" "We just saw on the news, Ft. Worth is suffering from terrible storms!!" "No shit!!" It's currently 80 degrees and the skies are blue with some clouds (see the pictures above!)... Either we're in a weather void, and we don't get a drop of rain, and inch of snow OR we get the extreme opposites, all the creeks around us flood, schools closed due to ice and snow???? Rest assured family and friends, we are safe and sound.
But the phone call did make me realize how much we'll miss our neighbor from across the street, Ms. Ruby. She was widow in her mid-70's, with attitude, didn't take crap from anyone and had a permanent trech. She had a little "voice box" to talk and she'd even edit herself when she swore. She kept a weather scanner since our community doesn't have any tornado warning system, (unless you count flying mobiles homes as a warning...) Ruby would call us warning us of impending weather, winds, hail, tornadoes, you named it she called. Most of the time we'd get the tailend of a system, but once in a while we'd get hit with a doosey. That's when all the neighbors were out on porches and patio's, checking on each other, taking pictures and just taking it all in...Ruby passed in October...her watchful eye is gone, but others have taken her place. Thank you family and friends for watching over us and sharing your concerns.

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