Sunday, March 30, 2008

P-O-J-O Come POJO, Let's GO!

It's that time again. Cheerleading registration! Last year I lucked out, Erin had zero desire to cheer. But this year is a whole new ball game. With all the socialization from Honor Choir and the Wizard of Oz, Erin is ready to hang with her girlfriends for cheer.

So, on Thursday, we went down to the Lions Club and signed her up. David & I put a lot of thought into deciding whether Sarah should be a cheerleader. It was a hard decision but she'll be sitting on the sidelines again cheering for her sister. With David gone, it would be very difficult for me to shuttle the girls to two different games every Saturday and two different practices every Tuesday and Thursday. Also, Sarah's maturity isn't quite there. I think Sarah enjoys playing at the playground with friends a bit more than going to "practice" and I know she loves sitting in the bleachers with our friends and getting spoiled by the Weaver family.

So with one week to fundraise for Erin's new uniform, we're off and running! Anyone need any Little Ceasar's Pizza Dough or some Home Interior Candles???? Let me know, Erin's your girl! :)

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