Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chewing the Fat

It's Thursday night, nothing is on television, it's too late to call anyone so I'm surfing the net and browsing thru some of my favorite blog sites... one is called Chewing the Fat. This gentlemans blog always gets to me in a GOOD way. He makes me think, ponder, find books, opens my mind, makes the wheels turn. So I've read his blog and my mind is spinning. This man opens his life and soul to the public. He's just your typical gay, "disabled" Canadian counsler who works daily with folks with disabilities. (I hope folks reconize this as a positive spin, I mean zero disrespect) He tours and speaks around the world on a great number of topics dealing with different disabilities.
His latest post talks about the acceptance of being *fill in the blank with your title* , inspired by an older interview of Stevie Wonder. The reporter couldn't seem to get off the fascination that he was blind....a blind singer, a blind artist...get where I'm going here? Bottom line, Stevie accepted that he was blind, got over it moved on. Dave at his blog, finally accepted his "disability"..... what I took from this is.... Accept who you are, accept what you are. YOU are YOU. Nobody else like you, if everyone were the same god this would be a very dull world. However once you've accepted yourself for yourself, that doesn't mean you can't challenge yourself to be the BEST. I'm not very good at articulating myself, I accept that. HOWEVER, I can do things to improve my skills of expressing myself.
I'm not a very good advocate for Sarah....but I'm learning to be better at it. I'm educating myself, I'm getting books, I'm learning how to question the Dr.'s better and I'm learning to say, "No, that solution is not an option, I want better for my child."
Okay, better sign off before I start rambling. I'm very close to ramble that is. But like I said, Chewing the Fat leaves me charged, inspired and energized. I'm ready to read an encyclopedia, a dictionary, stereo instructions, write in a journal, paint a masterpiece, arrrghghgh!!!!!
Peddle on, peddle on, peddle one...jump up on the bike...peddle on, peddle on, peddle on......

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