Wednesday, February 27, 2008

SMS Sings!!

On Monday and Tuesday, the Springtown Middle School practiced for their upcoming UIL Competition in Gainesville, TX. Monday, Taylor sang his solo, "Old Dan Tucker". He was GREAT! Unfortunately, I left the memory stick in the hard drive of the computer instead of the camera. But...Tuesday I did better. I've taken pictures and even some video!! The boys did great, although in all honesty, they've done better in the classroom. Mr. Duke has quite the challenge, trying to corral these boys into singing, standing still, behaving and not talking. Most of the time he does this without yelling and screaming at these young men. By now, I would have beaten many with a stick, do push-ups and then be fired. I give this man, Teacher of the Year award... Boys, you did great and can do so much more!! Like Mr. Duke says, "You need to OWN IT!" They've got 95% paid for and that's something, huh?

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