Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pillow Talk

It's Saturday morning, 9:12 am. Many of you will gasp, "Shaunery is out of bed!" Considering, that each and every single one of us has been sick at one point or another this week...First Sarah, then David, Erin and last but not least me. Thought I was gonna die.
So what do I do the first day I feel human? Stephanie drives me across town to the Scrapbook Pad in Colleyville for paper! It's 6pm on a Friday night and raining. (we have a history with rain..) We instead hit three scrappin' places. I help her spend HER money. I purposely left my purse, wallet, checkbook, ccards all at home.
Finally got home around 10:30pm only to find David sitting here at the computer, surfing. He's downloaded buttloads of honkeytonk, redneck music to my hard drive! He's surfing ebay for toys and I pull up a stool and we start chatting. Until 1:30 am! So we drag ourselves to bed, and continue talking.
David & I use to pillow talk ALL the time before we had children. We both worked and we'd both finally wind down by bedtime. We talked about our day, family events, finances, dreams, chores, honey-do's...We had forgotten how nice it was to just talk. Last night we spent the time talking about a long term dream, opening our own scrapbook store. (it all revolves around scraps!) He tries so hard to see the "need" for what seems like constant shopping for us girls. It's dawning on him that out of all my friends, I am the "cheapest" of the group. I don't invest in big tools or toys. We talked about retailers, floor plans, what to do with the children if we're trying to run a business, WHERE to start our business for maximum success....see why we talked so long?
Well, my house is toast. I have friends coming over tonight to crop and friends coming over to play tomorrow...I best get cracking.
Thanks for letting me share....


Marcy said...

Archiver's is a hot spot in my neck of the woods, if opening up a franchise is easier... Keep on dreaming & scheming.


I just love that you and David still pillow talk, gives us newly weds something to strive for. Hope you are feeling better. Did you girls go to the drive-in?

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