Monday, May 28, 2007

Rainy Days and Sundays.......

It's raining here in Texas...quite a thing actually. Already folks are complaining, I'm sure I've grumbled some too. But in one short month, it will be in the 90's or higher and we'll be on water rationing for our lawns... what's the saying? " When it Rains...."

We had a very nice Memorial Weekend. Watched a lot of movies because of the weather and David got to watch those WONDERFUL war movies w/ John Wayne and Tora Tora Tora!! I EVEN rented "Fly Boys" for him. By the way, it's a true story during WWI...awesome.

Erin asked why we celebrated Memorial Weekend....ahhh I smell a history lesson! She listens and nods her head. Soldiers will always be her HERO'S and Daddy is her biggest.

Saturday it poured buckets here. Streets were flooded, yards were'll have to check out my girlfriends blog... Jennifer took some great pictures!

Yes, that's my mailbox and the street! Told you very wet! Sunday, my girlfriend Becky and her family came over to fly kites...well, that was the original plan. Instead, we all yelled at the kids to play quiet, go outside, shut the door, quit slamming the door and come in and eat! We gorged ourselves on hamburgers, sausages and "funny potatoes". Oh yum.

This is Payton...isn't he the cutest thing? Well, time to switch gears and change the topic. Next week, my son Taylor will be arriving! Yes! He'll get to spend June and July 4th here and then he'll be heading out to California with his Dad for some family time there. The girls are so excited and frankly, so am I! It took some juggling to get him here but I'm sure family will be understanding. Thanks everyone! Well it's time to get dinner on the table.

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Staci said...

That is THE CUTEST picture of Payton!!

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