Sunday, April 15, 2007


Wow, what a difference! Sarah had three pretty good days in a row since our meeting with her teachers. She's moved into Mrs. Kents/Mrs. Hughes class with out any major issues. It seems that she and Mrs. Kents are developing a real nice relationship. She's come home in the same clothes AND panties since switching over. On Thursday and Friday, she did her "daily business" too! That was a BIG deal. In her new Pre-K/Spec. Ed. class, the class is much more active and physical than in her last class. Each afternoon when she's come home, she's been one tired little girl.
As expected with the new changes and challenges, she's been a grouchy tired girl at home. This weekend has been a challenge for me. Yes turns to no, the requested item is refused, there has been zero cooperation from Sarah. It's constant yelling since she's been awake. If she's not yelling at her sister, she's yelling at a toy, a crayon, the walls or me. While we've all been trying to deal with her behavior issues, I'm realizing I'm in need of some training/classes or counseling myself. Our personalities are just too much alike and we're butting heads at home.
One a different note, last Thursday, my girlfriend Jennifer took me to Fandango at the Texas Motor Speedway. Can I tell you that rocked! We arrived to watch the qualifying for Saturday's Bush race. First up, Mark Martin! Second up, Carl Edwards! Both held the top two positions for the longest time, but eventually someone else comes along who's faster.... After qualifying, we then were seated for FANDANGO. It's a little informal pow wow with some really big names, sitting around telling stories, promoting each other and such. Thursday's "guest" consisted of Kyle Petty, one of the Wallace brothers (Kenny?), Ken Shrader, Jeff Burton, Tony Stewart, Stone Cold Austin and....CARL EDWARDS. Three Missouri boys on stage at one time, in Texas. I thought that was very cool. All are very funny and had great stories to tell. It was hard getting pictures, we were a tad too far away...but I tried anyway. It was great fun, we arrived home late, but it was worth it. Thanks Jennifer for the great memories! :)

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