Thursday, April 19, 2007

Field Trip!!!

Today was Erin's class field trip. I signed on a chaperone (sp?), what was I thinking?? We arrived down on Exchange street just before 10:00 am and quickly posed for this class picture. The kids had a tutorial on cowboy or better known as "drovers". After that a tour of the cattle pens, a walk thru of the "Exchange", then a quick stop for lunch. While enjoying lunch we got to see the cattle drive. I think the biggest highlight was a trip thru the Maze! Erin made it thru in 15 minutes. Not bad for a first timer and having a maze full of 2nd graders! Once we finally finished the maze we headed over to the museum for a tour. Hot, tired and attention spans well spent...the kids did very well. Actually the entire class impressed me. They were quiet, respectful, kept together as a group and paid attention pretty well. I took a bunch of pictures, but too late realized I had bumped the resolution down for "email pictuers". Ooops. But I did get the pictures.



You are such a good Mommy. Is that teacher's name Liz? Don't know the last name. If it is, she is good friends with Rhonda. She helped Rhonda with her daughter's wedding. If it isn't, it sure does look a lot like her.

BTW, I used the picture you took of me at Scrapbook Pad on my blog, it was a great shot, if I do say so myself. Very seldom do I get the camera on me.

Thanks. And, uh, you could list my blog on your blog, if you wanna.

Less than two weeks!!

celticmystyc said...

It IS Liz Mullins!! That's so funny! (not haha but ok you know!)
Oh goodie, I DO want to put you under my fav's, been meaning to ask you...
SO CAN'T wait for next week. David took Friday off, so I can head out after the kids go to school! :)

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