Wednesday, April 11, 2007

At LAST!!!

Finally, yesterday we had a meeting with Sarah's teacher, the special ed teachers, the speech/language teacher and the school principal. The teachers ganged together and decided Sarah must have help. Once they got me on board (as if that were difficult)they went to the principal with their demand.
While Sarah hasn't been officially diagnosed (but we're working on that too!) it is in the opinion of the special ed teachers, that Sarah falls under the Austic umbrella. So, they're going to approach teaching from that angle now. Sarah's been moved out of her Pre-K class into Mrs. Kent's Special Education class. There they'll observe her, try different teaching tactics and really work WITH Sarah on her potty training issues. She'll also start speech.
So this morning, armed with new tools and a few new ideas; Sarah and I set off for school. Miss Winn, helped Sarah transition to her new line. To many of you, you might be thinking, transition from a line? Believe you me, it's a big thing! We've been programing her all year to stand on the red line, while she's been wanting to stand on the yellow line, now we throw the green line at her... She was happy and blew me kisses as I left. We'll see how she did this afternoon.
I can't express the lightness I feel now. Someone finally views my child thru my eyes. Knowing she's not spoiled, but that she needs help fitting into this great big world. I couldn't have made it this far without the love and support of my very good friends and of course our families. We're finally on the road to wellness!!!


Susan said...

WOW!!!!! I'm glad you are finally getting some answers. I didn't realize the whole scope of things with Sarah. Keep us posted! Give the girls and David too....kisses and hugs from Missouri!

Love & Miss you,

anne said...

I'm happy for the relief your finding but more so for Sarah. Teaching has come a long way when it comes to dealing with lifes' challenges. Sarah, and MOM will do great when all the adjustments are made.
You are all in our you...Annie

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