Friday, November 17, 2006

Just an update in life

This week has been pretty slow. Been helping my girlfriend, Steph paint her walls. Kinda makes me want to do something to my walls, but the urge isn't that big. Sarah showed her true colors at school on Tuesday. That went over like a fart in church.
Wedesday, had a friend over to celebrate his birthday. Sorry I didn't have 54 candles, but after Tom left, Erin found the Over the Hill candle. We lit it in your honor!!
Thursday, Sarah stayed home with a bug. Slept most of the day and cuddled the rest. But no fevor, seemed in good spirits so off to school today.
Erin will be bringing home her report card....we'll see how she does eh? Then Monday we'll attend the awards assembly for perfect attendance and honor roll.
David returns home tomorrow after three long weeks in the Florida Keys. The girls and I are very eager to see him. Seems like we missed him more this detachment than any of the others, maybe cuz the girls have been sick?? Then Taylor, Dad & Rosemary arrive on Sunday to kick off the Thanksgiving week. But you'll have to wait for details!! Have a great weekend folks

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