Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Whoa, what a Thanksgiving! It started here in Texas with the arrival of me da, Rosemary and my son Taylor! We did the usual trip to the Ft. Worth Stock Yards for some Risky's Ribs... (mmmm ribs) and even squeezed in the ever so yummy stop at Pilo's for what my dad calls authentic Mexican food.
On Wednesday, we headed to the great North of Winfield, Kansas! We first gathered at Aunt Arleens for the ever so popular pre-thanksgiving meal. (Pizza Hut had a special...) Then we gathered around the table for a grand kick ass game of Nurtz!! Hoarse from yelling, bruised from banging into the table and weary from the adrenaline rush, we parted to our beds. We crashed at my cousin James house (thank you so very much!) that night. On Thanksgiving, we all gathered at my Aunt Arleen's home for turkey with all the fixings. Let me tell you this woman knows how to put on a spread! She and Uncle Fred estimated a minimum of 30 friends & mostly family to be there! We gorged ourselves on the wonderful food and then the menfolk gathered for the traditional Murray Football game. That's where ALL generations gather on the field and attempt to play football. The boys all played hard, Uncle Wayne pulled a hamstring but bravely played on. Scotty took a tumble but survived. BUT the men weren't the only ones to suffer injury, our own little cheerleaders took a few tumbles in the bleachers. Little Miss Miranda, took a nasty dive onto the track, stubbing her toes and scrapping both knees....Miranda put on quit the show of hurt and suffering but she's managing. Finally stuffed from the constant grazing, exhausted from the exercise, one by one family departed.
Early Friday morn, some of my braver cousin's headed to the Wal-Marts and Malls to celebrate Black Friday. We on the other hand, loaded the van with luggage and children, then headed home to Texas..... It was a grand time. Can't wait for the next gathering!!!

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