Monday, March 31, 2014

March Madness with Tags!

 Oh wow, I suck at daily posts don't I?  Any who, I've been playing and working on this months tag by Tim Holtz.  This technique is REALLY cool, but I didn't have any of the stamps or gadgets to create Tim's look.   So, left to my own devices I started playing.  And playing and playing!  In total I think I created 4 sets of tags..  I am my own worst critic.   The above two are my final tags and the ones I'm happiest with.

But this little technique journey was fun. And don't worry the tags wont go to waste!  :)

First thing I learned.  Creating with friends is always more fun!!  And impromptu crop day out at Cat's out in Mineral Wells.  It was a fun day!!  And she gave me a extra copy of her picture of Mario for my wall!!  Yeah.
Use what you have if you dont' have the latest and greatest. (This is my plug for supporting your local scrapbook stores, they really could use our support!)  So I did use an older TH set, a different mfg's stencil and some art stamps I bought sometime back at a stamp convention.  I figured out quickly, you REALLY need to ink the stamp well if you're doing two tags... unless you really want a very very faded look.   Not bad, but I wasn't in love. 
Play with the techniques and tools you do have!  I stippled ink with a brush instead of the airbrush technique for these two sets of tags.  You get a more solid even coverage but with practice you can achieve that airbrush effect. 
On these tags I used the old dip the tag into wet ink technique... I'm kinda stuck on that technique.  I use it a LOT but I love the effect.  I also tried a embossing paste application with the stencil instead of ink.  Ranger has a crackled texture paste that's quickly becoming a fave..

So after all of this... I'm anxiously awaiting the new stencils and I'm toying with the idea of getting the marker spritzer... but you know those stamps looked pretty awesome too..  Well that's it.  My little March Madness with tags.  Thanks for stopping by!  :D


Buttons said...

I love how you've played with these tags and come up with some beautiful designs in the process. The yellow pear ones are so dramatic but you should be happy with all of them. Jenny x

Candy C said...

Hi Shaunery. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. It made me laugh! :) I love your tags and I love your blog post. First of all, you're so right! Crafting with friends is way more fun! :) And you are right to use what you have and experiment when trying to do a Tim technique. I think you learn more by experimenting than just by copying sometimes. If you've got the stuff..great. But if not, then use what you have! You've done a fabulous job of that on the tags you've done. I think they are all really nicely done! <3 Candy

Sandy Trefger said...

Fabulous tags girlfriend! I love them all. Are you going to Cat's NSD retreat? Barb and I'll be there!!

iGirlZoe said...

I love your tags, the yellow ones especially. Your collage of stamps works so well and I love the banner across the middle. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog too. :)

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