Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sweet & Sassy

Oh I'm late... I can't say I was overwelmed for an excuse, but perhaps underwelmed.  My muse seemed to have taken a mini vacation or something. 

And to have my muse MIA at the beginning of such an exciting month over at CSI is not cool.  Wanna know why?  Guess WHO our sponsor for this month is???   Come on...need a hint?

Yes, that's right ECHO PARK PAPER CO is our July sponsor!!  Come play along this month!  For every time you play and upload your layout, you are entered into the random drawing for an incredible prize!!  One winner will get to chose one of their collection packs.  HOW COOL is THAT??   You've gotta play, cuz I'm not eligible!!!  And I'd love to see you win!!

Okay back to the layout, here's the break down!

Leaves - Michele's Digi Coordinations
Flowers - Prima Flowers that I've had like forever.. remember "Got Flowers"?
Woodland Animals - another Michele's Digi Coordination's
Sparkles - I used Martha's Coarse Crystal on my clouds
Clouds - I used the last of my chipboard clouds
"Long Title"  - I added my title digitally via Pic Monkey

This is my daughter in one of her rare girly moods.  Sarah saw her sister posing for me and jumped right in and went a little diva on me!  :D

Hope you enjoyed!


Papel Scissors said...

when i saw this LO it gave me inspiration to do my ribbon like you did on my LO that I am working on right did yours loosely and mine is tighter! (the best way i can explain it to you)i will have to remember that next time because it does look better looser (is looser a word, geesh)

Papel Scissors said...

i forgot to ask u something...the clouds u used..are they chipboard cut into that shape or did you make them? if you made them, how did you do it?

Shaunery said...

The Clouds are from Cat's! And the brand is Color Me Crazy by Petaloo. You get a LOAD of chippies. I used them on the "HOME" layout as well! :D

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