Friday, February 10, 2012

Leibster Award!

On February 1st I received a surprise and an honor!  Fran Burke over at PaperInkME selected me along with four other bloggers to receive this award.  This is a cool little award to receive, for one of the main purposes is to draw attention to we "little bloggers", those of us who have a following of 200 or less.  I believe the idea is to raise awareness and build followers for those of us who might be falling thru the cracks in the blogger world.  And to that I say, THANK YOU!  So one of the rules is to thank the giver of the award... Thanks FRAN!  and to shine line on five more bloggers that deserve recognition out there... so here are my top 5!

1.) My Little Scrap Corner by Jenny Evans.   Jenny is an online scrapper friend, but a rising star to the scrappy industry.  I love her style, her sketches and her trademark, matting in black.  Check her out, I know you'll dig her!

2.) Stresstickled by "Fluffy".  Fluffy is a sweet crazy gal from across the pond.  She has a beautiful clean method of scrapping.  Fluffy adores her four legged family members as much as her two legged ones and always balances her layouts with each.

3.) The Scrapinater by Kristie Taylor.  Kristie is a mixed media scrapper, who always amazes me with what she pulls out of her stash!  The sassy gal from the north never ceases to amaze me with her creativity and ability to turn some unexpected out of the normal and plain.

4.) The Artful Muse's Artful Musings by Gwynn.  Gwynn does a bit of everything.. but I love her stamping and card making.  I often drool over her creations and say... "I need to make that" but instead I pop in the next day and drool some more.  Gwynn has a wonderful way of mixing life with her creativity, which brings a smile to my face.

5.) Dare to Be Unique by Nancy.  I love vintage and grunge, Victorian and antique.  Nancy has a beautiful way of combining all of these together.  Over the holidays.. she found dollar store finds and made them into shabby chic vintage ornaments for your home... they look like high end boutique chic!

So go visit.. share and comment.  I know these ladies would love to hear from you as well as visit...  Thank you for visiting and feel free to share or comment.  I do enjoy listening to what you have to say!  :D


Fluffy said...

Thankyou S!!! Tx

Just us three said...

You go girl!!!

Gwynn said...

Hi Shaunery! congrats on the award! And thanks so much for nominating me! It was a real treat and a day brightener!

Jenny Evans said...

Awww!! Thank you so much S!!! :)

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