Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What is Your design process??

Debbi over at CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration Oh what an interesting and thought provoking question.. “What is your particular process to scrapping a challenge?”  BEFORE  I became familiar with these challenges, the picture was always my launching point.  However that doesn't always work for challenges.
  Now.. it's different.  The colors and the inspiration photo are my new launching point.  I, personally, like to print out the colors in the challenge.  Taking a tip from Debbi, I now print onto photo quality paper for truer colors.  But here's where I take a left turn... I print the colors AND the inspiration photo.  THEN I actually tape them into my journal.  It's a little book I have and in it I write down the prompts, the "recipe" or "ingredients" of a challenge.
There's more to read... interested??? Come on over to CSI, investigate the clues, view the gallery and play along.. hope to see you there! :)


Rita Barakat said...

I love this idea! Maybe it would give me a way to actually stick to my jouranal! This is a REALLY cute blog, so glad you stopped by and thank you for very sweet comments!

jeanie g said...

Wow you're so together girl Love your style. xxxx If I had been so "together" I might have got the colours right?????

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