Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Snow For Christmas

I'm so late getting this up on my blog, but the internet has not been cooperating.  But at last we're up and functioning again!!  This last week at CCG we were working with the colors "Mulberry Tea, Porcelain Pearl, Sugared Lilac and Blue Fairy Dust"... easy enough you might think.  But MULBERRY doesn't seem to exist at all out there..  so I started digging out my bazzil.  To create this color, I spritz my paper w/ scarlet Glimmer Mist.  The rest of the papers came for the dusty depths of my stash.

This weeks inspiration picture included pearls, tea cups and a stack of books.  Two of my favorite things!  And I wanted to reflect this imagery into my layout.  So I stamped onto pearl finish Bazzil with my tea cup stamps.  I stamped and created my own Fairy and set her on a clip art tea cup.  I have a stash of Flower Soft in the colors of Heather.  I never used this before and it was kinda fun and funky...I had it flowing from the teacups.. Above under the teacups I used pearl micro beads to continue the pearl theme and inspiration.  Keeping with the book theme this month,  I shared a poem from a favorite, Emily Dickinson. 

The photo is my dd Sarah enjoying the snow falling on Christmas Eve... Okay the snow was BLOWING but we had SNOW for Santa and that's all that matters.

Well it's the end of the day and my brain is fried... I should stop typing.  Have an awesome day folks!

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