Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Book Lover

Ladies and Gentlemen... are you up for a scrappy challenge?  No seriously, a REAL challenge?  Head over to CCG for this weeks color combo.  Want a fun sketch challenge?  Then head over to Creative Scrappers for their challenge!

There are colors like Brown Nosed Professor, although Professor Tweed would have been a good name for this brown, a challenging mauve.  Yes I'm calling it mauve, not lilac.  Because when you start looking for this color... it's not out there!!  You will need to dig thru your stash, pull out your paints, inks, daubers and implements of scrappy creations to "get" this color.  OR you might have a stash of Heidi Grace, Cherry Lane from 2007 hoarded in your paper cupboard.  Thank goodness I DID.  If you don't know me, you'll quickly learn I can be 'anal" about color challenges.  Purple means purple, not fuchsia.  Navy mean dark blue not turquoise.  It's just me folks, it's the websites integrity on how they choose winners for contests and such, so don't go crazy on them.  This is just one of my "pet peeves"... I'm challenging MYSELF and my abilities as a creative person.  Anywhoo.. THIS was challenging and I'm so glad to have a challenge.  If it were easy, then well...why "challenge" myself?  Part of the challenge was to "use a dictionary or text pattern" within the layout.  This part was the easy part.  I had paper pads containing paper with print on them.  Because I HOARD that type of paper, I LOVE that type of paper.  I layered two papers on one another, tearing one edge.  Then taking the scraps, I cut out a panel and "popped" it up.  I also cut out the woman and "popped" her up too.  I continued with the text theme, using my Tim Holtz tissue tapes  (LOVE) and a Library panel from an estate sale (You know the label for your books, "This Book Belongs to the Library of..") and added a quote from Mark Twain.  Since this is ANOTHER picture from Hannibal, Missouri. 

Well there you have it.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Since we're on the topic of books, go pick one up.  Find a corner and read.  If not for yourself, go read to your children.  Need a title?  Might I suggest grabbing a copy of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huck Finn by Mark Twain?  Or ANY of his works..they are such fun getting lost in. 


Patricia said...

very beautiful layout and photo. BRAVO!

Debbi Tehrani said...

OH, wow, Shaunery! This is absolutely gorgeous! You did a fantastic job with the sketch. That's one of my favorite quotes you've used. You certainly nailed those challenging colors. Exquisite details, and that chandelier is just awesome. Love what you did with the ribbon too. Oh,and the damask design on the side (how did you do that?). Fantastic idea to use a bookplate on here. I totally would've chosen this as Gallery Fave!

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