Friday, August 26, 2011

206 Haunted Hannibal

It's such fun being a featured member over Color Combo's Galore.  I discovered CCG a year ago in July so this almost feels like a birthday for me!  I've made some great friends thru this website and I'm so very glad they're parts of my life.   When I initially looked at the inspiration picture and the colors for this challenge, I first thought.  Easy peasy!  My favorite time of tones!!  But when it came down to finding the actual colors to "match" the challenge.  Oh THAT was the challenge.  We're mixing blue grey tones w/ brown grey tones..then black and then a subtle shade of off grey white.   Umm BAZZIL, we need to talk.
Prompts in this challenge were wood, ledge, capital letter title and transparencies.... Instead of going light with this, I was compelled to go dark but not black.  I really like the brownish grey tones.   The circles represent the softness and curves of the couch.  My tree made of twisted up grey card stock, was inspired by the driftwood walking stick, I created a "ledge" from leftover wood-grain paper and corrugated cardboard and set my pictures like I would on a shelf.
The transparencies were my biggest challenge.  I found a stash of Colorblok transparencies I've had and began layering them.  Using a Cricket I made my title of capital letters and adhered them directly to the transparency.  Still wanting another layer, using my computer & printer, I printed the word Hannibal on some transparency, cut and adhered ON TOP of the title..
From there the layout just kinda fell together.  It was fun doing this and sharing this everyone.  I hope you had fun too!


Just us three said...

another masterpiece!!!

jeanie g said...

This is going to be another gallery fave for sure!! Amazing work of art!! Take care xxjeanie g
PS I'm going to be a follower of your blog, I love it.

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