Thursday, September 23, 2010

Color Combo Galore Challenge #160

Finished!  Finally!  Oh my goodness.  Who'd ever thought one my favorite colors would be so difficult?  Actually it wasn't, maybe one would say the applications? were difficult... I dunno but frustrations were high.
For this challenge I incorporated several things... first from CCG there was a challenge for a dangling element.  I was inspired by my son's costume.  He played the Baron Elberfeld in The Sound of Music.  So he had on some "royal" medal/jewelry.  But I didn't want to take his souvenir from the play, so I found clip art, printed and adhered to some Tim Holtz Grunge board.  Did some tweeking with some Sage Glimmer Mist, some Smooches, and Stickles.  Dangling element #1 complete!
For the second dangling element, I took my cue from CCG's design class,"Focus on Technique - Faux Stitches" I haven't stitched on my layouts for the longest time.  While I like the look, I now remember why I don't stitch very often.  My machine will eat paper if I try sewing, so I have to hand stitch or faux stitch..
Another thing I did was draw my inspiration for the entire layout from Sketch Inspiration.  I noticed I was getting into a rut with my layouts. And there are several sites I enjoy visiting for inspiration.  SI is the newest on my list.
There you have it... my latest entry.  OH wait, where IS the finished layout?  Come see over at CCG or SI.  I think you'll be happy you did!!.

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