Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I'm digging out the family pictures...when I say digging out, meaning I'm digging thru the hard drive looking for the pictures I've scanned or received via email over the years...  The picture on the left is of my uncle Fred and my father Jerry.  I remember the original being faded and yellowed but using Camera Bag software I was able to enhance and make the colors a bit more vibrant.  The picture on the right is my father Jerry and my aunt Arleen.  I remember this one in our bookcase when I was a kid.  Not too sure where the original is...probably packed in my photo box, now that Dad has consolidated his possessions.  (That means I get to store his junk and items held dear.) I hope I can find software that will allow me to edit the fold out of the picture.  Maybe there's another copy out there that a family member has and would scan for me.... who knows.

I took on genealogy after Erin was born.  Wanted Erin to know "where she came from" and who her family is and was...THAT'S Funny!  Do you know what you start when you start family genealogy??  In some cases, no where.  In others, mother load of information, family stories, sharing... I've heard of some cases where family fight over the information like it's a prized possession.  The mentality being, I researched it, it's mine.  I've been very lucky to have a family who values our history, story and pictures.  David's family has been most forthcoming with pictures, documents and previous research done.  (You ROCK)  The Murray's, I'm learning has a mother load of info out there.  And due to the annual Murray Reunion in the Wisconsin Dells every year, that info is constantly being revised, corrected, updated, shared and added to. 
But, when do you stop?  There are so many "branches" on a tree to follow...limbs, twigs, leaves and bud...I haven't yet stopped, but have been on sabbatical.  But it's time I think to pull out the papers, fire up the scanner, and start reaching out to family again.  The question is where did I put those notes, pictures, articles and such...I foresee another "cleaning" expedition in our future...

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