Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Parsley and Ocean

It's been a long while since I blogged. Like really blogged, not just posting a picture of a project. The biggest reason is lack of motivation, lack of inspiration and in short I had nothing I wanted to share with everyone out there.

But, it's spring here in Texas. I've been slowly bringing my flowerbeds back to life. The boys, Taylor & David, have been working on the yard and multiple little projects. This week we're tackling the girls bedroom. After being the softest shade of pink since 2003, it's time for a change. Erin will be 11 this summer and Sarah's turning 8 this month. Somehow, pink doesn't do it anymore. Erin has very distinct ideas for the room, but she does have to share with sissy. Sarah also has her own thoughts to share on the room. Neither meshed well.

After a trip to Lowes and much time in front of the color samples, many questions to the "paint specialist", and the girls "favorite colors" ringing in my ears, I chose TWO colors. Parsley Sprig and Aqua Ocean. Today Parsley Sprig went up on two of the walls!! David isn't too sure about these color choices at all. But I'm secretly envying my girls, these colors would look GREAT in my scrap room, I mean laundry room.

David in the meantime, has disassembled the girls bunkbeds, sanded and primed them and tomorrow he'll put on the bright clean white we chose. Parsely, Aqua and White..this room will be so pretty! We'll (meaning David probably) will sand and prep the girls storage cubes and their dressers; then they too will be sporting fresh paint.
Well that should do it for now. I'll post again after the Ocean goes up on the walls. And again after I put the room back together, and again after the new curtains and bedspreads...maybe I'll just wait until the room is complete. :)

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Marcy said...

I love it that you are so brave with color. I drive Tom a bit crazy with 14 shades of beige on our walls and color only on the things that are easy to change - curtains and pillows and bedspreads.

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