Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Texas Meanderings

Labor Day in Texas means temperatures in the mid 90's...wooo hoo FALL is HERE! Yeah. Since I've met my df Jennifer, we started this weird twisted traditional past time. We grab our camera's, couple of cold soda's, a map and start driving. Graveyards/Cemeteries have become our destination for some reason. Probably because they're quiet but if you listen closely enough and pay attention, the current residents have something to say. We've found very interesting things in cemeteries, from the mementos left, tombstone designs and lastly the inscriptions. From the dates and ages of their residents, we've tested our knowledge of history and have come home and googled what we didn't know. Flu epidemics, scarlet fever, Indian raids, war marches...all inscribed in "code" for later generations to discover and relearn.
Another favorite "pit-stop" are historical markers that cover our state (and nation but I don't think Wes & David are up for this kind of road trip for us). It's become a quest for us to find these and photograph them. THIS is not as easy as it sounds. Numerous websites provide rough directions, road names, highway numbers but what a difference a typo can make. Adding to the adventure is the surprise waiting for us, once found. On several occasions we reached our destination to find the pole the marker was attached to. Hmmmm okay. Or local "good ol" boys used the marker for target practice...okay then, get back in the truck and moving on...
Lastly is our appreciation for older architectural buildings and houses..farm houses, barns, hotels (yep, most of you know what I'm talking about) and the like. We've spent hours looking over courthouses, admiring granite carvings, stained glass and wrought iron work.. Between the two of us and the photo's taken, we swear someday we'll put together a book. In the meantime, we'll share our shots here on the blogs and facebook. Enjoy.

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