Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sinus Ughh...

I was gonna title this Sinus Hell, but surprisingly enough I've AREADY used that title...about this time last year I believe. I've sitting here reading everyone's blogs and it's interesting to see all the different subject matters...I've read Christmas, Land Lords, running, politics, history...well you name it.

I really have missed out on blogging. I've missed New Years Day, our Innaguration just to name a few.....our current event for the day is Sarah threw her dinner into the trash, and then freaked out cause David was gonna send her to bed with no dinner. I'm like, "Feed the kid, she'll wake at some god aweful hour in the morning hungry!" David is like, "I'm not letting her push us around." I say "Okay, but either way, someone has to feed the kid!"
He's not feeling well cause Taylor tackled him from out of nowhere and messed up his back. I'm still all congested and can feel the blood pulsing in my ear drums along with all the snot. Texas has great weather's hot then cold, then hot and then cold...never cold enough to kill any germs or virus's floating around. just warm enough to get the pollen all stired up. Bedtime will be fabulous, Erin and Sarah are beginning to suffer the "drip" and right at the appointed bedtime, each will announce that their throat hurts, noses are running or general not feeling well. Never mind the fact that both were running around with no shoes one, haven't used jackets for a week. Neither will use the chapstick I buy them, instead wait until their little lips and upper lips are chapped and dry.
So, I sneak away and read sister-n-law shares about her house from hell. ( I can say that, but I love YOU!) It's a two bedroom that her hubby grew up in. They have TWO boys, and my nephews are ALL boy. So, I hug my house everytime I read about the latest mishap in her home. Recently, it's the answer to all of this would be to load up a "Pod" under the pretense of doing more upgrades and fixer-upper things to it. Then while the children were at school and husband at work...I'd torch the whole damn thing, collect insurance and rebuild!!! :) "Mrs. B, why exactly were all of your possessions in the pod?" "Why we were starting some major construction, like a new roof, new rooms and new attic!" (they already did the bathroom, the basement and the kitchen..) "The next thing I know whooshh meltdown!"
Oh this just in from the "news room"...David is missing a calendar from his tool box....think a few moments...a mechanics tool *DING!* yep THAT kind of calendar, from 2002!!! I don't really care about those calendars, he's rarely around the toolbox these days. BUT we do have a 14 old son...and we DID find the calendar in the bathroom....hmmmm crap. He swears he didn't swipe it....we'll have to dust for finger prints later.... Hey might want to clean the toolbox and lock the topbox!! Just a thought.
I've rambled on long enough now. Hope I've entertained you all sufficently for the few minute it took to read get a life and move on! LOL


Steve Elkins said...

Very enlightening! Ahh, the joys of having a husband back home and children under foot! I think I'll stick with the grandkids...when I'VE had enough, I send them on their merry way! Just remember, one of these days, you'll miss all of this!!!!

Staci said...

ha ha ha ha - you have a teenage boy! (yes, I know my day is coming)

Marcy said...

It will be a lovely, germ-killing 25 degrees tomorrow in the cornfield. Scott AFB is hiring. You too could live here!!

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