Sunday, October 26, 2008

Argle Half Time

Here it is. Springtown Cheer's Half-Time show, brought to you by...Blogger the only way to blog. And by Moms Camera, where memories are always being preserved for future blackmail.

Poor Erin, Coach Michelle put her on the front row for today routine. Erin has been in the back row from the beginning so she was out of synche for the whole routine. But she tried hard and she was stinkin' cute. I must also point out that half the squad wasn't there for what ever reasons, so all the girls were kinda thrown in the mix. They all did a great job and was very proud of them. More pictures to follow in future posts....

Now that cheer is finished, we'll be bloggin' more about big brother Taylor!! His choir stuff will be kicking off soon. Starting on the 30th with his first choir "concert" at SHS at 7:00 pm.. come check out the chaos.

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