Monday, August 25, 2008

POJO Let's GO!

Here we are again! Fourth Grade Pee Wee Cheer. It's our first game of the season! Whoooo hoooo! Saturday we played in Argyle, TX. It's way up 35W near Justin, very cute town. We followed the directions, checked out the playing field and then went in search of icecream. Yeah, we were an hour early, cuz I was afraid of getting lost and unsure of where we were going. While at this little restaraunt, we ran into another family. Their son #14, was in Erin's class last year. I confirmed that we were going to the correct field and learned.... NOPE. So we followed them over to the correct one. Sadly, most of our cheer squad were given incorrect directions and were racing to get to the correct field.
Our team made one touch down, we had one cheerleader go down due to the heat. Several others stayed under the shade tent (Erin included) trying to cool down, re-hydrate and combat heat headaches. (note: pack tylenol next time.) Erin came back out in the last quarter and tried hard to cheer our boys to victory. Alas, the other team scored another touchdown late in the last quarter. Oh well, I think many of the kids were happy that it was over and that they could go home and cool down.
My father and his friend Denise came up from Florida to support Erin and hang with Sarah and Taylor. They were great sports about the unbearable heat and helping me with Sarah. Sarah was allowed to take photographs with their camera and we learned she's pretty darn good with a camera. Never mind that she filled a 1GB card....whew. Taylor also tolorated the heat pretty well, hung out with Sarah and even took her to the concession stand for cold waters and a little bit of candy....
Overall it was a good day. Gives me hope for the next game (at Northwest).

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Safety1 said...

I like the new uniforms. Sarah looks as though she was plenty warm in last years uniform.

Do you think she will want to cheer next year??

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