Sunday, July 06, 2008

Happy Fourth of JULY, 2008

There are too many pictures to post and even this slide show is long. The stories are just as numerous, so I'll try to keep this short and sweet...CJ manned the bbq, Otis, Kevin & Kelli wore cool Toby Keith hats, kids played HARD, men played washers, David killed a chair, Wes pitched it over the fence, Kevin gutted the chair..all thinking it's OTIS's...nope it was Jeanne's. While watching the chair incident was funny, Jeanne's face was PRICELESS, but she was a great sport. Jeanne taught us a new game, Keven & Kelli had a romantic dance, CJ wore his "rally hat" (man thing), Wes hopped the fence and lost but was smart enough to go to the E.R. (Yep, twisted ankle AND broke leg) No whinning or mannly show of manliness (so proud of you Wes). Cameron started the firework show with sparklers for the kids, Josh and John supervised. Kelli did another dance this time to the fire gods, accidentally setting Sarah's blanket on fire (Sarah is over it, blanket survived..) Johnny & Little Erin learned you don't stomp on firecrackers, and we all remembered sparkler wires get HOT. Again, all built character (as my dad would say), we laughed and moved on!

For more pictures just visit some of my peeps websites, Jeanne took tons, Jennifer took OMG loads, Staci took bunches and eventually, I'll get Nonya's...
Great times, great memories, great friends..

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