Monday, June 09, 2008

He is the Champion

We officially received Taylor's report card this week. No big surprise, he was advanced to FRESHMAN. During the last semester of school, his english teacher challenged all the 8th Graders. If they all scored high on their upcoming TAKS test, they'd be allowed to temporarily color their hair for the last day of school.
Those kids acheived their goal. So, after much deliberation, Taylor decided on coloring his hair Woody Woodpecker red. (a suggestion from his grandfather, to show support for favorite hockey team, The Red Wings) So, we went RED....
Sadly, we went swiming three days later at the local aquatic center. Not a good thing for recently colored hair. Taylor has convinced me to boost his color before leaving for California this week.
He also LOVES that his team has "THE CUP" and he was able to watch their final game and victory. If anyone has ever watched Taylor watch television, it's almost more entertaining than the actual program. He hops, bounces, creeps and crawls, he can't sit still. It's even worse when he's totally into what he's watching. So, when the clock ran down on the final Stanley Cup game....geeze luuuweezzz!

1 comment:

Staci said...

COOL COLOR!!! While you were describing him watching TV I could see the image clearly and it made me laugh -hehe.

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