Tuesday, May 27, 2008


OMGosh! It feels like forever since I last blogged, let alone read my peeps blogs. How can SO much happen in a few "mere" weeks??? But then I look around here and realize, damn ALOT!
Sarah has now been on her anti-seizure meds for about one month. Her Dr. did forwarn that it could either stablize her moods/anger & anxiety OR it could aggrivate it. Anyone like to take a guess as to what it's doin?? Yeah, aggreivate it. So, starting tonight we'll be easing her into a new med, and then once it's incorporated into her system, we'll begin weaning her off of the Kepra. This process will take approx. 6-8 weeks. My fun meter is peaking. :)
This is the LAST Week of school here. Taylor will have finals, Erin and Sarah will be wasting time and space....Today is game day in Erin's class. Hmm. Usually in June we attend VBC and Taylor will be heading to California for some time with his dad and family. The same week Taylor arrives in CA, his dad will be retrieving the family from GA. The whole family will be reunited after several months of separation. All I can think is, one wife, three kids all hungering for the attention of one man....I'm soooo glad Taylor has his grandparents and uncle to fall back on or to step out of the way for a little bit. Also very grateful that his uncle has an awesome fiancee, that Taylor meshes well with. Either way, I'm sure Taylor will have a great time. He's looking forward to some pool time, has a movie wish list a mile long, and folks he'd like to see.
Erin is hanging in there. July will be HER month. Daddy will be home, we'll have our annual 4th Celebration, her 9th birthday, cheer camp....I'm sure there will be more. She keeps growing like a weed. I think I'll have to sew extensions on her shorts, cuz they're too short. And this summers fashions??? UGh it's the 80's all over again, anyone remember OP??? Next will be Dove Jogging shorts.........
Well, I have four days until schools out. The "To Do" List is long and I best be getting to it. I'll blog more later. I have some great pictures to share from the weekend and more to come!

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Jeanne said...

Welcome back friend. The blogging world hasn't been the same without you.

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