Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Looking Inside

Monday, March 24th...
Sarah had another MRI today. This time df Becky B. accompanied us to Cooks Children's Hospital in Ft. Worth for the procedure. Since her first MRI was pretty scarey for us, "waking" up was traumatic, I was VERY apprehensive about today.
As usual Sarah surprised the hell out of me. She's chatting and very loving to Becky and I. Hugging and just as sweet as can be. During pre-anasethia, she had FIVE nurses and attendents caring for her. "She's sooo cute, how sweet.." I'm so glad other people get to see that side of her. Sometimes I get a little jealous, why can't she be like this more? *sigh* But we'll take it when we get it.
Now, I almost blew it that morning. While waiting our turn, I allowed Sarah the smallest sip of water. I mean SMALL. When the nurse started down the check list, has she had anything to eat or drink since midnight? I open mouth and share. Now we're being told we'll have to wait TWO HOURS before they could start anasethia. WTF? Becky's like, you shouldn't have said anything, duh....but. They ask, will you like to stay and wait two hours or reschedule? I flatly state, reschedule. Sarah will not sit around with nothing to do and not be allowed to eat for another two hours..the nurse scurries out. The head nurse comes in and grumpily explains why we can't procede since Sarah sipped less than half a teaspoon of liquid. I tell her I completely understand, we'll reschedule, thanks! Then she continues to explain that this whole process could take up to two hours, and we wouldn't have "Lost" any time. ?????? So, why the big deal? Fine, we'll stay.
Sarah wakes from the procedure just fine. A little irratible, but nothing like last time. Her thoart hurts from the air tube, but still very calm. They're able to get an entire i.v. bag into her and she drinks over half a small dixie cup of ice water. Later we roll over to Dr. McGothlin's office, she continues drinking her gaterade....he shares that he likes what he's seeing. No changes, no growth, no movement. As far as he's concerned, he doesn't need to see her again!! We discuss her behavior issues, he gives more resources, shares empathy with me and I feel like a "good mom" as we leave.
We got Becky home at a decent time, we picked up the siblings and had a fairly "normal" evening at home. All is good.
Thank you Becky for being so supportive and helpful!! You're the best!

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Marcy said...

Yeah for Sarah, and Shaunery & Becky for survival!!

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