Monday, January 28, 2008

Bragging moment

I have many moments to brag about but I wanted to share this little something I created one afternoon over the winter break. It was so nice to sit and create in my little space that afternoon. David played with the girls, Taylor totally absorbed in his psp, and I was inspired and let it wash over me.
My favorite projects are usually the ones that are squeezed out of 30 minute windows of quiet or pure lack of willingness to be "mom" at the moment. I'm quickly pulled from the moment, when shouting and arguing commences but sometimes that's all it takes. It didn't hurt that this little project started as a kit, but very little of the original kit is actually used here. These were those little left over bits that I treasured too much to toss but wasn't enough for an actual 2 page layout. (There's a reason we keep all of this stuff!)
After wandering CATS this morning and yes ultimately buying some paper. (Don't worry Dave, it was on sale and I used only the cash in my wallet) I left inspired and recharged. Ideas were bursting from my head and I couldn't wait to get home. Instead of cleaning an actual spot to work, everthing was pushed and heaped on one end of the table and my new treasures were dumped out in the center. Out came the stashes of paper, the rubberstamps, ribbons and tape and I've managed to create and design the first of a two page layout for an upcoming swap. Something I'm eager to put to use immediately! The pictures are already in my mind....
And so my dear family, friends and readers, I must be off. I'm sure bedtime is soon and I can start my creating again!!!! "IT'S ALIVE!!"

1 comment:

Staci said...

SO CUTE!! I can't wait to get scrappin' again. It sure would be nice to do it in good company too! Miss you.

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