Thursday, November 08, 2007

News from the Pacific

After about two weeks of silence, I finally received a call from David. For those of you who don't know or realize, his cell phone doesn't work in Japan. Can't get a signal, and security is really high. Instead he's been making what are called "Moral Calls", 15 minutes of "free" talk from the duty office. These are what I called "quickies".
This morning David called at about 8:00 am, which was 10:00 pm tomorrow there! Since no one was around, when his 15 minutes where up, he called right back! He's been working hard, they just returned from three days in the Phillipeans. He calls it the cess pool of life. Nothing about this place could impress him, and he couldn't see what some rave about. Okay, things may be dirt cheap but the whole place is nasty. The only reason they spent three days there is because of a typhoon blowing in and they had to ground the plane for safety reasons.
David's days have been mostly "fix plane, plane flies for 30 some odd minutes, plane breaks, plane lands, attempt to fix but have to wait for parts..fix plane...shampoo, rinse and repeat the above. On one inspection, David found a 10 inch crack on the body of the plane, so he grounded the plane, until repairs could be made...happy officers, chiefs and personal! Sounds like much fun for him.
So everyone knows, his voice mail box is FULL. And he can't retrieve or empty is voice mail cuz he CAN'T USE HIS PHONE!!
The squadron will start their homeward journey on November 20th and hope to be back in D.C by the 24th. So far that's all I're 15 minutes are up, please insert a bazzillion dollars in the slot for 15 minutes more....


Anonymous said...

Is the address from August still valid? Evan has a care package to send.


edskellbell said...

Hey Shaunery,
Cute Blog, and I like your family pictures.

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