Sunday, August 12, 2007

20 Years Later..

It's been twenty years since I graduated! This past weekend, my classmate, Kathy M., hosted our 20th Reunion at her home in Sedalia, MO. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend but she was kind enough to email pictures of the gang. We've changed so much, but then we haven't.

20 years?? REALLY?? Funny, somedays I don't feel "20 years older", and somedays I certainly don't act it. Then others, I feel old as the hills. In twenty years I've married, gave birth, divorced, remarried, gave birth two more times, moved countless times, made some fabulous, wonderful friends, I've helped my friends w/ their kids, and they with mine, I've helped pack my friends as they prepared to "role" and they helped us in return too. I've said good bye to some pretty cool people, Aaron, Mom-n-Law #1 Linda, Uncle Brother Ellis, I've missed saying goodbye to others, Ramona, Elmo, Bill to name a few.

I've learned to be comfortable in my own skin and be me. I've learned the value of friendship and the definition of it. I learned I'm much stronger than I've given myself credit for and that it is okay to share my ALL my feelings.

While I know I was never "close" with any one of my classmates, I think I can call all of them "friend". Cindi was one of the first to welcome me, back in the 4th grade. Chris asked me to "slow skate" in the 6th grade and he was probably my first crush. Kelli & I would "air guitar" on the bus on the way home on Bob's Bus #5 (Still love the Steve Miller Band to this day..) I remember Bobby (sorry) falling asleep in science. Becky and Sheila would "bowl" with books & magazines in study hall. Rob was my first "date" to one of the many dances and probably my first "kiss" (That I botched up on my own, I'm surprised he even talked to me the next day) I had so much fun in Show Choir. La Chere & Lisa were always best friends, but always so nice and sweet to everyone. I remember our bowling excursions and the fun we had. During the "dating years" I remember Michelle and Cindi recounting their nights out with Chris & Charlie, sometimes roses were delivered, jewelry was compared. Cindi & I seemed to be permenant locker mates, year after year...Chris & I would get Mrs. Bell frustrated with us during Algebra, making her seperate us. I'd drive Kathy nuts w/ my "Gag me" and "Like Oh My Gawd".. (my new favorites, "that rocks", "fabulous", but I still love "totally"!) While I drove Kathy nuts, Aaron drove Michelle nuts. Thanks for putting up with him! Tracy getting me into LOADS of trouble with my father, grounded from Show Choir. Chris giving me rides around Sedalia after SFCC. Cindy & Michelle bringing breakfast rolls every morning while working on the newspaper...The good memories out weigh the bad, no I would not live thru high school again.

Guys, thanks for the memories and thanks for the friendships. I hope we do better at keeping in touch. I'd really enjoy "getting to know" everyone all over again....(and if you get sick of seeing me in the scrolling picture show, send me yours and we'll update it and put your mug in there!)

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