Friday, June 29, 2007

Busy Day...

Thursday was a very busy day. I actually had to wake Erin and Taylor up. Why on earth would I wake childern who are sleeping in on a summer day? Because we were going to tour the Ft. Worth Federal Currency Facility!! . Oooooo. We were gonna see how to make money, literally. First we took Sarah to David on base. She helped Daddy all day, being the "button girl". Not too sure of the definition, but she was a helper.
Then up thru Saginaw to the Facility. We then waited on Vanessa, her niece Laura, son Bud, Curtis and Gabbie. (and waited, and waited..) then we finally went thru security (no frisking and no cavity search, thank god!!) Then we were led on a guided tour. It's very restrictive, but then it's our national currency here. No photo's, cell phones, weapons or such. But man, it is very interesting.
We then stopped at the gift shop, you can buy shredded money, uncut sheets, or recycled money in the form of stationery. There are many other things (useful and not so useful)..
After arriving home, we cleaned up and headed back out. We had to go to PUMP IT UP for friend, Cole's 6th birthday. The pictures say sooo much... Thanks for the wonderful time Cole!

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Stephanie said...

I am so glad you all had fun! I love everything you are doing with the pics on the blog. It's really cool.

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