Monday, April 02, 2007

Catchin' Up

Okay, wow I'm really behind on my blog. It doesn't help when folks say "Hey visited your blog and well you haven't done snap at it!" New resolution, work on blog once a week.
So where do I start? I'll start w/ February. It was a full 28 days. We had a "Sock Hop" at Erin's school for Valentines Day. I made Erin a pink poodle skirt for the occasion. Tried finding saddle shoes but no one knows what saddle shoes are, including Erin. When she did learn what they were, she was like "uh..they're ugly." *sigh* Sarah also had a Valentines Party with her class, they decorated sugar cookies and swapped Valentines. Sarah loved the icing, but what kid doesn't?
David spent most of the month in Florida, either in Key West or Daytona. It was his squadron's last detachment before decomissioning in March. Daytona was a "bonus", their FA-18's flew over for the Bush Race on Saturday, and they all stayed over for the big race on Sunday. While David was having the experience of a lifetime, we had visitors from Illinios. His sister Marcy, nephews Evan & Colby and mother, Betsy flew down for the weekend. We had a grand time. We visited Risky's, the kids jumped on the trampoline and Marcy took the older kids swimming at the hotel. On race day, Betsy was glued to the television to watch her man, Carl Edwards (fellow Missourian) and a chance glimspe of her son on National TV. No such luck. And Carl didn't do too well either.
March kept us busy with spring break. A whole week with the children home, wee. I spent a wonderful weekend cropping with some good friends and newly made friends. It was such fun! We even hit the IHOP at midnight for a late snack. It felt like being in my 20's again. Got home finally about 2 am. Normally David is a dear and lets me sleep in after these adventures but he had to work, so after lots of coffee I finally was able to function.
On March 24th was VFA-201's official Decomissioning Ceremony. They had set up 300 chairs for guests and returning alumni, but never thought that attendance would be so high. It was standing room only! It was a simple ceremony and topped with a slide show highlighting some of the squadron's past and present "adventures". Afterward, the socializing began.
Now April is here and we've already seemed to fill the calendar. We hosted a B-day party for my dear friend's son, Reese. He's soooooo cute. He turned 2! It was so nice to sit back, relax and enjoy good company.
That's about it for now, gonna see if I can get a few pictures included in the mess. Wish me luck! Hope to see something new here, next week!!

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