Monday, February 05, 2007

Life Update

Last week was a good week but a bit emotional for me. Sarah's teacher Mrs. Burns approached me at assembly and asked if there was some "secret" I should be sharing about Sarah and her behavior....I turned to her and replied, "No, I was hoping you had her figured out!" So we had a short conversation there about Sarah and her behavior, meltdowns and potty training. She asked "Do you want her tested?" It was all I could do to refrain from shouting "HELL YA!". So the wheels are FINALLY in motion.

Our weekend was good. The girls played and played. Saturday evening my girlfriend Jennifer and her kids (Jayla & Eric) came over for movie night. The kids were so excited to see each other, they played for well over an hour before settling down for the movie. Afterwards, ALL the kiddies went to bed and Jennifer & I scrapped until 3:00 am. We're soooo nuts. I only got 4 pages done (I think I was too hyped up on coffee) and Jennifer got 2-4 pages done'd think they'd be very detailed oriented but I can safely say..NOPE.

Painted two of my kitchen walls last week. They're now a deep "antique red", reminds me more of old aged firetruck red, like the rusty old tractor sitting out in the hayfield. Looks cool. I was told and convinced that red paint takes many, many I bought the gallon. Anyone need red paint?? Got plenty.

Erin's Health Fair is tomorrow. We'll get to watch the second graders perform some sort of health related dance routine (most likely the chicken dance) and then the PTA will have their meeting. Wee. Erin is excited about performing, shocking eh?

Well, that's about it. Gonna get the oil changed in the van, probably get my inspection done too. It's that time of year again. Need to tackle the laundry as well. Any takers?

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