Sunday, November 05, 2006

Haunted Happenings!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. Ours was fun and jam packed full of kiddies! Erin & Sarah were very excited, we had the house decorated, complete with tombstones in the front yard. Erin chose to be a gypsy princess this year. Did you know there aren't many gypsy costumes available? So, Betsy, Erin & I shopped for a pattern, fabric and trim at the beginning of the month. Erin chose the color, what a surprise, eh? This was a bit of a challenge for me, a step up in skill you might say. I had it 99% finished by Halloween. A few little details were missing but many didn't even notice, although I was "told" that I still had to finish it after the holiday! That's okay with me.

We had some good friends hang with us Halloween, Becky Blann w/ her family and
Becky Weaver w/ her family!! LOTS O' Kids! Little O' enjoyed playing with Sarah while we were still in the preparation stage. But with everyone's urging, we couldn't get Sarah to change her mind about Trick or Treating. She stayed home with me and helped pass out candy. Sarah would answer the door with "TRICK OR TREAT", and try to load the children up with candy. She'd scoop HUGE handfuls of candy out of the bowl and dump them into the childrens bags. I had to slow her down! Then the children would leave, and she'd give herself a huge handful for her bag. Sarah also went thru three costume changes, first dressing as a pink princess, then the white leotard w/ dress up skirt (from the toy box), and lastly last years ghost costume. She made it as far as my girlfriends house, saw the scarecrow and promptly demanded to go home. Oh well. Happy Halloween!

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Becky B. said...

Very cute pics. We had an excellent time! It was Halloween like I remember as a kid!

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