Tuesday, October 24, 2006

We're in the Play-Offs!

Well the 2nd Grade Tackle Football team made it to the play-offs this week. Can Erin tell you WHO we played? No. Can she tell you if we won or not? No. After watching our boys get run over a few times, you kinda quit watching..... sadly, we did lose but the boys put up a good fight. Erin DID cheer her little heart out and she was LOUD! Last two games I was getting a little fustrated with her. But Grandma Betsy finally got to see her cheer. GO POJO


Susan said...

She's getting so big! I wish you guys lived closer so we could see you all the time. Give the girls kisses and hug from the Ragar's.

Love ya, Susan

kelliem926 said...

Oh,She is soo cute. I just got my blog thing up. I just can't locate my linkl yo share it.

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