Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WOW Wednesday

I've been playing with some products after viewing a fabulous tutorial over on one of my favorite blogs, Tammy Tutterow Inky Hands.  Ranger has been launching it's Melt Art line, but they're really our old favorites with new twists.  On Tammy's blog, she shares her version of Faux Fused Glass.  The moment I saw it.. I loved it!  I've been itching to try it!

This is my finished version of Tammy's Faux Fused Glass.  The one thing I forgot, which IS kinda important if you plan on using yours for jewelry, is to PUNCH the shrink plastic BEFORE you shrink it.  Now, I have to drill it and pray that I don't shatter the whole piece.  I'll let you know how that goes.

I also added extra melt art pieces to my "fused glass".   I played with some fabby silicon molds that I grabbed over a Cat's and some WOW embossing powders.  Here's the neat thing.. I have a nice stash of embossing powders from other you don't have to go out and buy all new stash.  BUT I have to admit these WOW Embossing powders, come in a SLEW of great colors.  And when you start mixing and creating.. You'll have a wonderful variety of colors and choices.

My first attempt with the silicon mold was pretty straightforward.  I had some leftover UTEE sitting in my melting pot, so I just remelted it and poured it into the mold.  If you're not already aware, clear UTEE will never be clear.  It has a yellow tinge to it.  So, for my last project, I dumped a bunch of powdered Perfect Pearls in it.. so this is what I ended up with.

This funky swirled pearl like color... the powders didn't melt, it's suspended within the UTEE making a cool effect!

Then I played with the WOW embossing powders.. adding to clear UTEE in the melting pot.. it reminded me of chewed gum or a wad of blue cotton candy.  It was wonderful.. but I didn't leave well enough alone, I rubbed some Adirondack Alcohol ink on it getting it down in the crevices and wiping it off quickly.  AWESOME!  Lastly, after doing the Faux Fused glass technique, I dumped some Stampendous Aged Scarlet embossing enamel in with the Clear UTEE and and poured the left overs into the mold.   I got the fabulous gold/scarlet rose you see in the first picture and this funky half clear half colored rose.
Here's the really cool thing... if you don't like the effects you created.  Pop the piece back into your melt pot, add more color or clear powder and re-pour.  You'll get a different effect!  I love these wonderful roses and I'll be nagging Cat for more mold options... the ideas are running thru my head.. embellishments, charms, jewelry.. the list goes on and on...  WOW what a wonderful Wednesday!

If you'd like a chance at some Blog CANDY, be sure to leave a comment here.  Then head back over to Cat's blog, visit the other fabulous blogs linked and share some more love there.  When you're finished, leave a comment on Cat's blog.  One random lucky commenter will receive some very nice blog candy!  :D 

Looking for supplies to create these goodies above?  Head over to Cat's!  She has what you need, and if she's out she'll help you get it!  :D


Cat! said...

These turned out really great! I love the colors and detail of the roses. Now Shaunery, I ordered all of the molds WOW has I think!!

Shaunery Wharton said...

Then I better come and get some more from you ASAP!

marilyn said...

These are amazing. Love how the Stampendous stuff makes such a vintage rose. Fun things!

Sandy Trefger said...

This is so awesome! I hope you were able to drill the hole with no damage!

Valerie said...

Shaunery, you NEVER cease to amaze me with your creativity! These are so cool! I really need to come spend a day with you! Maybe some of it would rub off on me!

Marina said...

Amazing! This is beautiful.

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