Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Here we go, Case File #47 over at CSI.  I allowed myself to get side tracked with tags lately, but honestly I have been working on my case files!  No honestly!   (Quit laughing at me)
So the evidence I used is:
Patchwork pattern:  I took some OLD Daisy D's patterned papers and created little quilt blocks and hand stitched them in place.
Floral Pattern: I used floral patterned papers (Daisy D's) and I rubber stamped a floral image onto MME Good Day Sunshine collection and embossed with white embossing powder. 
Frames: Metal frames coated in gold wax & gold embossing powder.
Gold Metal Accents:  The above frames and TH photo corners, dipped in clear embossing ink and gold embossing powder.
Fabric: I used canvas letter Thickers colored with TA Tattered Leather Glimmer Mist, MME Good Day Sunshine paper with a linen pattern.
Flourishes: TH Grungeboard flourish, painted with Acrylic Paint Dabber in Snow Cap and smeared with Liquid Pearls in Baby Blue and Opal, the frames have a flourish touch and I also used a TH rubber stamp and stamped flourish images in Frayed Burlap Distress Ink.

I took my journaling ques from "Etiquette Guide" and the inspiration word "Manners".   For those that know me, I like to photograph houses both historical and in different stages of disrepair.  So I created a photo etiquette list on little pull cards tucked away...

 Here's what I wrote:

"I enjoy photographing historical or interesting old home sites and I find them everywhere.  However there are a few rules one might comply with when you set our with camera in hand...
1.) No Trespassing means NO TRESPASSING!  This is a warning not to be taken lightly here in Texas.  You might find yourself on the wrong side of a barrel.  And I don't mean a wine barrel.
2.) Purple ribbons hanging on fence wire or purple tip fence posts mean NO TRESPASSING and more importantly NO HUNTING.  If you're shooting with a camera most land owners are pretty nice.  Feigning ignorance about said purple ribbons works pretty well too.  But during hunting season don't expect too much tolerance.
3.) Be respectful of the property your trapsing about on.  It may appear abandoned and unloved.  But it belongs to someone.  (It could also be a hidden meth lab or still)
4.) Homes on historical tours are fair game!  If they didn't want you taking pictures of their home, then they should have never registered their home in the first place!
5.) Stay on the sidewalk while taking pictures of said historical homes.  They may not mind the pictures but they get pissy if you step on their lawn.
6.) If photographing a home that's NOT on the a historical register or tour, you might find yourself having to explain yourself.  Feigning ignorance can work here too.  For example: "You mean your home ISN'T on the historical tour?  Oops my bad!"
7.) If you encounter the owner always greet them with a smile and a compliment on their property.  Even if the front door is hanging off the hinge and there is mold growing on the roof.  They'll think you're batshit crazy and shake their heads at the idea of you photographing their dump.
8.)  If you see the owner out and about in their yard, greet them and ask permission to photograph their home.  That way they don't think you're a stalker or a peeping Tom.  You never know, you could be sharing coffee & pie and become life long friends.  Just don't give them your address.  You don't know if they're crazy.
So there you have it, Casefile #47 solved!!  I hope you take the opportunity to go play and be creative.  If you find yourself here because of Cat's WOW Wednesday, awesome!!  Each week over at Cat's Blog we share our creations and link up.  Everyone that visits our blogs and COMMENTS are entered for a chance to win some BLOG CANDY.   There's a winner EVERY WEEK!  And Cat has some awesome blog candy.  So, click back over to Cat's, visit the blogs and leave some luv.  Even better, create something wonderful and LINK UP and let us leave YOU some luv... 
Until later!  :D


Valerie said...

this layout is a piece of art! There are so many details! I LOVE IT! Also like the way your wrote your blog! Had me in stitches and visualizing some interesting encounters with property owners! Especially the "barrel" one!

AllisonG said...

This is a gorgeous layout. I especially like the touches of metal. Your etiquette guide had me in stitches!

Cat! said...

This layout is absolutely awesome & your tips had me in stitches & nearly peeing my pjs!

Sandy Trefger said...

Ha, ha. Great advice. I take photos of old buildings and houses too. I've never encountered purple fence posts are ribbons. But didn't know what they meant either! :) So far I've had no encounters with the owners but then I often have a 300mm zoom lens. If you can get it quick no one knows but if they see you....well they suspect the worst! Love your layout page! So much beautiful detail and the frames on it are wonderful!
visit my blog @ sandy's crafty creations

Papel Scissors said...

only you would know about trespassing are a nut :)
great Lo..there is so much I like about it...great work my friend!!!

marilyn said...

LOVE this layout and the journaling is so funny. Love how you did the frames...super creative as always.

Heather Jacob said...

love this Shaunery love love love love it xoxoxo

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