Wednesday, October 05, 2011


I'd like to take a momentary station break from the usual scheduled scrappy post.  I have news I want to share.  As many of you know, Taylor is in the Mixed Varsity Choir this year.  He's auditioned the last two years for All State Choir.  Last year, he advanced to All Region.  This year... He advanced to All Region AGAIN!!  It seems this year the competition is steeper and the judging is harder so I was so happy and relieved to hear his name called out for Bass 1.  He's now practicing the new music and his site reading (he was told it needs work and he's like YEAH)
To give you an idea how tough competition is, last year we advanced like seven young ladies AND Taylor.. This year, we're advancing ONE young lady and TWO gentlemen.  OMG so these kids really have their work cut out for them.  Nonetheless, I am so proud of ALL of our kids for their dedication, discipline, hard work and commitment.  Even though they may not have advanced, they're all winners to me.  I've heard them sing and they're beautiful.  I'm privileged to hang out with them as "Choir Mama" and get to know them and chat.  I don't just have a son, I have a slew of sons.  I don't just have two daughters, but a gaggle of young ladies.  And all call me "Mama Wharton"
Taylor, I'm so very especially proud of you.  You've grown up before my eyes and I have to remember you're not that chubby cheeked little boy any more.  And to my choir kids, I've known most of you for almost 4/5 years, watching you grow up has also been rewarding.  Thanks for sharing with me.


jennyevans said...

Congratulations Taylor!!! :D

Just us three said...

Way to go Taylor!! Be proud Mama Wharton..

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